Our story

In 2018 founder Sage Schwer established Porch Finds, an online thrift store with styling services and pop-up events, to advocate for sustainability and individuality. PF helps people enhance their personal style with unique, preloved fashion.

Porch Finds was originally conceived as a pop-up event by Sage and her college friends. They transformed their college porch into the likes of a boutique, outfitted with a rug, chandelier and racks of contemporary & vintage fashion. The event was well-received by friends and fellow students, inspiring a second pop-up with an even higher student turnout!

Today, Porch Finds is headquartered in Sage’s hometown, Jersey City, NJ. We host monthly pop-ups in and around New York City. We hope to see you at our next event!


Brand mission

  1. Empower customers with information about sustainability, to make responsible decisions.
  2. Encourage customers to embrace their individuality through unique secondhand fashion.


Founder Sage Schwer

Interested in fashion from a young age, Sage’s entrance into the industry felt inevitable. She attributes her passion to her fashionista mother, whom she still draws inspiration from everyday. She loves adventuring and meeting new people. Porch Finds is an expression of Sage’s love of people and inspired worldview.